Defining The New American Majority

Testing of 24 critical issue positions with specific language based on previously poll and focus group research reveals a 62% New American Majority that could be captured by the Republican Party, with an additional 13% persuadable to vote for Republicans. This would make 75% of the American electorate available to a New American Majority Coalition.

Majority of Voters Believe Cutting Government Spending Helps the Economy

A Scott Rasmussen National Survey found that a majority of voters believe that cutting government spending helps the economy and that a near majority believe increasing government spending is bad for the economy. In addition a majority of voters of all income levels say it is possible to cut government spending without harming essential government programs.

Forming an American Majority

In my latest podcast, I follow up on my four-part series on how our country has an opportunity to bring together a large American majority – rather than a narrow Republican majority.

An American Majority, Not a Republican Majority: Part One

Big Government Socialism, woke radicalism, a governing performance disaster, and weak personalities inside the Democratic Party create an opportunity for a new American majority to support common sense government efforts to create a better country for everyone.